Lighting Controls are an integral part of the energy saving strategy. Controls can be offered integrated within the new LED fixtures or as a separate wireless system to enhance the monitoring and verifying of electrical savings.

Customize your system

The Wireless Gateway is an electronic communications device which acts as the central processing “hub” of the system. The unit wirelessly receives and prioritizes inputs from sensors, switches and/or the Interface (e.g., website or app). It then communicates wirelessly with each Luminaire Controller to turn on, turn off or dim light fixtures, or control plug loads based on input from the systems above. The unit can also pass information such as light fixture status, sensor data, and energy usage to the Interface.

Control Your Power

The system manages the light output, allowing the dimming of each fixture to match specific requirements of a location at different times of day or night and uniquely provides light management individually, in groups or as a whole throughout the infrastructure. The programmable two-way process also gathers information regarding energy consumption and maintenance requirements.

Worry Free Management

Managing your lighting provides a great opportunity to reduce even more on your energy and maintenance costs. Moving to dynamic metering using our system from a passive metering with the old conventional fear, our customers have more flexibility and control over their energy costs. Our controls provide the half-hourly report direct to your meter administrator every day. All these reports are available for users to access at any time and should you feel the need to reduce energy costs further you can simply ask or increase dimming times to your inventory or even utilize trimming options to alter the activation times for the entire system.