Corporate Programs

Looking beyond the conventional path to transition a corporation to becoming more sustainable, Future Energy Group redefines how corporate energy solutions are evaluated and implemented. We lead the way to a brighter future. Our team of energy professionals provides the guidance to pivot organizations to become leaders in corporate sustainability. Our turnkey approach allows a smooth transition with our trained professionals, proven system and concierge-style service. We specialize in Corporate Programs, which brings green initiatives to life in the companies we serve. Through our Corporate Programs, Future Energy Group creates the blueprint to energy efficiency and savings for any corporation, in any industry. We assist our clients in analyzing the past through our comprehensive energy analysis. This analysis uncovers opportunities to improve your facility operations as well as uncovering utility incentives. Our team of trained energy professionals is experts in the latest energy solutions, sometimes even before the technology or products hits the general market. At Future Energy Group, we research and anticipate the needs of corporations as they transition to operate in a more sustainable fashion. Partnering with the most intuitive and innovative manufacturers, allows us to present energy solutions to our clients in several areas including lighting, control systems, air filtration and renewable technology. Future Energy Group is controlling the present by creating the scope for our clients to move towards a more sustainable corporate environment educating our clients every step of the way. We project management our energy upgrade initiatives for our clients from start to finish including recycling of old materials. As we design this scope for our clients, it brings standardization across multiple facilities, establishing a more streamlined organization. At Future Energy Group, as we aim to cultivate long-term partnerships with our clients, it’s our policy to present the best pricing up front and have full transparency. These green solutions will generate energy savings while reducing your carbon footprint. Providing for the future, Future Energy Group is committed to bringing the most innovative technology in energy efficiency to the clients we serve. We seek to build deep-rooted relationships with our clients. We pledge to be a valuable resource in corporate sustainability and presenting the newest technology in energy efficient lighting, filtration, controls and renewable technology.